The Chinese invented the black powder in the 9th century. In the 13th century, they invented the gun. It was mainly a celebration and signaling device. This invention soon spread to the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Gun policies vary greatly among nations. In some nations, one can be issued with a gun once he/she fulfills the legal conditions.
After which, the authorities may not deny you the license to possess the firearm. A good example is France.
However, in other nations it is the authorities that have the final say as to whether one is fit or not to be licensed to possess a gun.
This is the situation in Thailand, Netherlands and many other nations.
In North Korea, civilians are not allowed by the law to acquire, possess or transfer any firearms or ammunition.
This leaves us asking ourselves what we stand to gain or lose, by legalizing gun ownership. 


The first advantage is personal security. Possessing a gun generally gives an individual a sense of security. It gives one a fighting chance against burglars and attackers. This is actually the reason why most of us would actually want to possess a gun. With a gun, it becomes much easier to scare away thieves. This is because it instills the fear of being shot by criminals.

Secondly, the legalization of gun ownership is a symbol of freedom. This will bring more satisfaction to civilians.
It also gives the public the power to put check corrupt goverments.
Thirdly, gun ownership might give citizens a sense of security, though individuals with any criminal records must be excluded. It might be interesting for you to know more pros of legalising gun ownership at
This can be done by ensuring that applicants are first put through a thorough background check, before being issued a gun.
This will ensure that only responsible citizens enjoy this right. Knowing that fellow citizens might be wearing a fire arm, will keep miscreants and criminals in check.

As we know, guns are widely used in some sporting activities especially hunting. This is because a gun saves the hunter the time and energy of having to chase the animal.
Shooting is also a sport. The legalization of gun ownership will definitely encourage these sporting activities.

Lastly, it will open up the business opportunities in the firearm sector. This will obviously result into booming business for licensed firearm dealers and distributors.


As a result many people will get employment. This will subsequently raise the standards of living of many. This will also raise the national income of the state in general. This is because there will be a steady rise in the taxes collected.


The risk of accidents and violence, is a major disadvantage. Imagine if a kid gets hold of a gun. The repercussions may be very dangerous. He/she may end up shooting himself or other kids in the neighborhood. Many people may end up being injured in the process.

The fact that guns are now being widely used to commit suicide, is rather disheartening. In the US, firearms account for almost 50% of all suicides. Gun control measures have actually contributed rampantly to the reduction of the number of suicides. If gun ownership is legalized, we expect the suicide rates to go up. 

It will result into a higher crime rate. This is because more criminals will now be able to purchase guns legally and use them to commit crimes. If criminals get easy access to guns, then it means that many lives will be endangered. Many criminal will also be encouraged to engage in criminal activities.

When too many people have guns, tension will be inevitable. Citizens will become nervous. Imagine yourself walking down the streets and suspecting that everyone wants to shoot you. It doesn't feel very comfortable. It may end up creating barriers to our social development.

It may end up putting many people in danger especially, if the owner isn't in the right state of mind. If the owner is intoxicated the repercussions may be lethal. We have all heard cases where many have been shot dead by a single drunkard. You can imagine how many such cases will be making our news headlines, if ownership of guns is legalized.

Studies have indicated that armed civilians are unlikely to stop crimes. In fact, the result is likely to be a mass shooting, which is even more dangerous. This is largely as a result of panic and distress in the crime scenes. More people may end up dying and being injured, as a result.








As we have seen, legalizing ownership of guns has many advantages and disadvantages. Certainly, making ownership of guns legal is not a one day affair. We have to carefully weigh the cons against the pros, to make a reasonable decision.


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